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Ian Jacob 06/02/2019 8:16:00 AM 4 min read

The Changing Face of Australian Automotive Sales

 As a motoring enthusiast I have seen a significant shift in the way people research and ...
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Glenn Turnbull 10/08/2017 6:10:00 AM 1 min read

Where Are Your Customers On Social Media?

Social Media Is Not Good For Business? In 2017, lots of people are on social media in one ...
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Glenn Turnbull 03/08/2017 6:22:00 AM < 1 min read

Digital Trends: Are Brands and Customers On The Same Page?

Most people in business truly believe that they know what their customer's want - even if ...
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Ian Jacob 01/08/2017 5:48:00 AM 1 min read

Surely Cold Calling Is Almost Extinct In 2017

In your next monthly meeting when the executive management wants to see all the figures ...
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Glenn Turnbull 28/07/2017 6:04:00 AM < 1 min read

Free Tool Friday: It's Time To Lose Your Scribble Pad

Actually I still use my spirax notebook to scribble notes in but a great online tool for ...
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Glenn Turnbull 27/07/2017 6:25:00 AM 1 min read

13 Logo Design Trends to Watch for in 2017

What's the story behind the Holden logo? There is so much effort that goes into good logo ...
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Glenn Turnbull 25/07/2017 5:59:00 AM 3 min read

How to Create Synergy In Your Online Marketing

I graduated High School as the class of 1990 and by the early 2000s the emergence of the ...
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Glenn Turnbull 21/07/2017 6:09:00 AM < 1 min read

Free Tool Friday: Communicate with WhatsApp

There are so many good communication apps available today that it can be hard to choose ...
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Glenn Turnbull 20/07/2017 6:05:00 AM < 1 min read

16 Creative Email Design Trends to Watch in 2017

Check out these fantastic email trends and examples The humble email is a favourite for ...
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