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Glenn Turnbull 27/07/2017 6:25:00 AM 2 min read

13 Logo Design Trends to Watch for in 2017

What's the story behind the Holden logo?

There is so much effort that goes into good logo design and sometimes graphic designers really 'nail it'.

Research has shown that humans are drawn to symbolism and colour waaaaaay before actually reading a thing. Personally though, I often find that I really have to make careful observations to truly understand what the design teams where trying to achieve.

Here is one of my favourites. I have used the Holden logo as an example above of good symbolism and colour in marketing their automotive vehicles. The lion is such an apex feeder in the wild and is such an aggressive animal. The lion has it's front leg perched on a round object which I believe to be a rock. As the story goes, early humans watched a lion at the entrance to his lair rolling rocks around with his front paw. The vision of the rolling rocks spawned humans to invent the wheel. Many Australians are probably unaware of the story but the Holden logo still resonates with them and our penchant for high powered, large sedans.

Furthermore, the Holden logo has been often teamed with the colour red. If you have read our blog on 'the colours of marketing', red is a colour associated with aggression - perfect for high powered V8 cars.

I used the Holden logo as a cool example because I like it and in my opinion, generally car manufacturers could improve in this area.

The Alfa Romeo logo is cool too in my opinion. What is your favourite car logo?

Check out the latest logo design trends in the below infographic - some of them are really clever. 



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