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Book a Marketing Support Session
Book a Marketing Support Session
Ian Jacob 28/09/2015 6:30:00 AM 2 min read

Want to upskill marketing but don't have enough staff?


This ranks as one of the greatest challenges today for marketing managers. Since ‘economic rationalism’ took hold in the latter part of the 20th century, your so–called department most likely has become a one-person band.

So, to avoid suffering ‘marketing manager burnout’ your senior management has granted you licence to upskill a colleague to help your work.

What they fail to understand is that today’s marketing manager knowledge and skills need to be so diverse and focused strongly on digital content.

Ideally, although you may not have completely reconciled it, deep down you have a feeling this person needs to be capable of reining in leads through the Google searches of your potential client base.

This is where the smart money is, but to upskill personnel to fill the role may strain an already strained resource as it is a full time role for one person or a significant time commitment for two or more people.

You know you need a lot of content on a regular basis, but it can’t just be churned out for the sake of it. The efforts need to produce quality and then your upskilled staff member has to understand how to optimise to be readily found when qualified people are searching for it.

This is advertising and marketing today; it’s intensive and it is constant. So if you are in a slight state of panic about how to change and manoeuvre in the eyes of your executives, it’s perfectly normal to feel like that but a solution isn’t impossible, of course.

Before taking any definitive action, perhaps stake a step back and read our attached e-book. It is a plain English, easy-to-read outline for professionals just like you who know your department needs to adjust but would welcome some basic advice on some ins and outs.

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Ian Jacob

Ian has 16+ years of experience in the online world he has seen the evolution of web marketing and advertising online. His goal is to make his clients marketing & advertising profitable.