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Book a Marketing Support Session
Glenn Turnbull 27/09/2015 7:30:00 AM 1 min read

Leave a legacy through lead generation


We will cut through the chase here. It’s highly likely you have heard a lot about ‘lead generation’ but not really learned anything about it.

It’s one of those terms which everyone seems to know something about, yet nothing seems to cohesively make sense. It’s not much different to dealing with mechanics or builders in the sense that everyone that tells you about it is not just an expert, they know more about it than anyone else.

At the risk of joining their ranks, I can genuinely put forward one belief about lead generation through content marketing.

If you can reconcile that preparing content for blogs, PR, websites or any other platform is only half the job done, then we are moving forward.

The other half of the equation, the less visible, is the online optimisation and mapping of client persona groups that makes it so much more targeted and enduring.

And it is this long-life aspect of content based lead generation that makes it unique. Old school advertising, hard copy mailouts and directory listings are static and dated quickly.

But lead generation content always stays alive on the web, working for you, and the more you do the more critical mass is there working for you. Even if any of it becomes outdated, if it is setup intelligently you will have complete control to simply make updates to it and it will continue working for you 24/7 and not charge you anything.

This is the true power of marketing today. Forget what you knew and picture an outcome where all your efforts don’t work just for today, they have an everlasting legacy that continues to advertise for you and generate leads.

It takes a little understanding, so feel free to take a look at this e-book which outlines 9 general areas on how truly successful marketing is being undertaken by companies which themselves probably sat there confused about this new science and skill not too long ago.

Above all, what we have outlined is in very simple English so you won’t be struggling through any jargon either!

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