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Book a Marketing Support Session
Glenn Turnbull 30/10/2015 9:51:00 AM 1 min read

The maths of modern marketing concepts: 1 ≥ 3


A client of ours – a very new client actually – struggled with the modern marketing concepts that 1 can add up to be greater than 3. And who can blame them?

Now before all the mathematics professors – or anyone old enough to count to 10 for that matter – jump around in confusion, let me elaborate.

Marketing and modern communications platforms have advanced so much, so quickly, and we were fortunate enough to view the cultural shift in situ at this new client only months ago.

Its marketing manager had moved on after a decade in the role. The company faced a choice: make a straight replacement and train that person into the role, or outsource experts and hit the ground running.

They chose to outsource. In the process it gained 3 directors and its experienced staff.

What they found hard to fathom was that 3 industry professionals cost less than 1 in-house employee.

This is because outsourcing requires no superannuation, holiday and other loading, no sick leave or other extraneous costs. It is lean and self sufficient.

Bear in mind the cost of an employee is not just their salary. Factor in everyday running costs such as company cars, desks, phones, chairs, computers etc and WorkCover premiums.

Because this client outsourced to gain the new disciplines, it means specific areas of the client’s marketing can be accelerated by specialists and company IP will be forever retained as the outsourced offer never has a reason to move on.

What managers want in modern communications and PR is to add value to the role, whether we step into a vacated role or initiate a solution at a business where there has never actually been a marketing position.

There is a quantum shift underway in the economies of scale in the science of communications.

Many businesses now think the time is right to investigate professional solutions to shore up a platform for many years to come.

Your message to market is now, more than ever, under your close control.

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