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Book a Marketing Support Session
Ian Jacob 29/10/2015 2:03:00 PM 1 min read

Will you answer the door when your website brings new business?


If you are a marketing manager or business owner, the phrase ‘SEO and website’ is fast becoming a nebulous tennis ball, much like the millennium bug was in its heyday in the late 1990s.

Whereas the millennium bug was rusted on with heavy fear factor like some sort of black plague of business, SEO is being served at us at top speed as the new ace of business but if properly understood and implemented should:

  • Generate leads
  • Bring more clients
  • Bring better clients
  • Optimise website return

In the chase for new business, SEO is very important; but it is relatively worthless unless your entire communications and marketing structure is calibrated and perpetually tested-and-measured to get the most out of it.

One of the greater myths is that SEO is measured purely in terms of numbers, where click-throughs to your website are the be all and end all.

No doubt your business would rather receive 10 click throughs with high conversion potential than 10,000 tyre kickers.

Getting numbers of click-throughs is easy; constant refinement to maximise the influx of qualified potential business is where the real professionalism is.

But it doesn’t stop there. If someone with high potential clicks through to your website and no useful landing page exists – a page that dovetails nicely with the reason he or she clicked through in the first place – they will be lost.

This is the key to it all. Creating the content-based communications and marketing loop to eliminate dead ends and road blocks, working perpetually to fine tune and re-focus your SEO, Adwords and content, and riding the technology wave successfully as it becomes faster, more powerful and globally dynamic.

If it is now starting to make sense and you would like to learn a little more about professional SEO services, be our guest and download our free e-book which deals, in plain English, with valuable aspects of this new business science.

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Ian Jacob

Ian has 16+ years of experience in the online world he has seen the evolution of web marketing and advertising online. His goal is to make his clients marketing & advertising profitable.