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Charlene Jacob 18/01/2016 1:53:00 PM 2 min read

Buyer personas are most effective in eliminating cold calling


This issue has been brought to us many times. The funny thing is we shouldn’t really have to respond because the people asking us are almost always the best equipped to answer their questions.

But they just don’t know it. If you are like most marketing managers or sales managers today, you probably want to rid your sales staff of that most dreaded duty – cold calling – but don’t know how.

You probably sort of know that identifying buyer personas comes into the equation, but even if you have identified your buyer personas you don’t quite know what to do with them.

To eliminate cold calling forever and replace it with an intelligent lead generation platform that sets up profitable legacy for your business, we believe you have to master these 6 steps.

Step 1: Forget what you knew

Step 2: Understand who you are talking to

Step 3: Have customers come to you

Step 4: Be the organisation they familiarise with

Step 5: Centralise the process

Step 6: Maximise your website

But for the sake of this brief exercise, we will concentrate on Step 2 – the vital issue of buyer personas.

Understand who you are talking to

We can guarantee that all your customers can fall into a small handful of groups through ­­ important criteria under which you categorise them.

But you probably get stuck at this point because you don’t quite know what to do with this information.

It may never have occurred to you that by being able to bracket all your clients – current and future – into certain groups, you have already come part of the way to wiping out cold calling forever.

This is because you are now well placed to leverage the power of Google by feeding specific information into its system – information that is optimised to have your likely customers find it when they are searching for a product or service.

You can do this because your documented buyer personas allow you to write and post stylised, customised content for those specific groups of people.

This will generate what we term as ‘warm leads’ and eventually replace ‘cold calling’ because you already know the audience to which you speak.

You have so much entrenched knowledge of your targets so why not start aiming straight at it rather than cold call? Given time, it will lead to more clients and better clients

Loop this in with your website content, email marketing, and any other aspect of online strategy and we all but guarantee you will start growing results for a fraction of the price it has cost you in recent decades.

You and your sales personnel have knowledge, you all have good intelligence on the habits and requirements of your potential customer base, so the idea is to set up a system which works in a loop, benefiting everyone across sales and marketing, and being out there and active feeding specific content information to the market while they are hungry for it.

It’s not as hard as you think, and it does fit in well with our other 5 recommendations to eliminate low percentages.

For a little more detail, we are more than happy for you to download our free e-book which, once again in everyday terms, outlines how it is done. If you read through it and then imagine implementing our suggestions at your business, can you already picture the improvements?

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