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Glenn Turnbull 17/01/2016 5:30:00 PM 3 min read

Eliminate cold calling by being familiar


I have struggled to find a marketing manager anywhere in the world whose staff adore him or her for giving them the duty of cold calling.

With good reason, gratitude for some things just doesn’t exist.

But what if cold calling could become a thing of the past?  Better still, what if it could be replaced by something that gives you enduring lead generation?

It’s not impossible, it takes a little bit of setup and effort, and it certainly can be done.

We believe there are 6 steps to achieving this perfect leads loop.

Step 1: Forget what you knew

Step 2: Understand who you are talking to

Step 3: Have customers come to you

Step 4: Be the organisation they familiarise with

Step 5: Centralise the process

Step 6: Maximise your website

For the sake of this dissertation, we will touch briefly on Step 4:

Be the organisation they familiarise with

Due to its sheer international slant towards tomorrow’s workforce and its hard wired connection to the internet, Google seems to have high control.

So why cold call when you can use Google? Why spend so much time throwing bait into the sea without a fishing line when you can simply speak to the fish from a wharf and invite them to swim in?

There isn’t much stopping you from speaking directly to potential (and current) clients through online content, but taking it a degree further by being selective about the terms and phrases you use so as to stimulate inbound enquiries.

Through blogs, press releases, podcasts, webinars, animations, YouTube, Instagram and many, many other affordable assets that are dying to be utilised, you can quickly become the company that says all the right things to its potential new markets.

There is an ideal mix, as a Marketing Manager, which you can implement into your everyday operations to become the thought leader in your chosen sectors and you get to control every single word and reach many, but not blindly.

In the long run, you will even eliminate cold calling and turn the marketing department into a highly viable business unit to attract more clients, better clients.

Contemporary marketing and advertising has changed very suddenly, so feel free to read up on our advice how you can ride the changes and benefit greatly. Our free e-book is yours to download.

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