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Book a Marketing Support Session
Glenn Turnbull 25/04/2016 1:23:00 PM 2 min read

The new tag team: in-house marketing and outsourced provider

Yesterday I had a very interesting meeting. There was a point of difference where the decision maker hunting new marketing solutions is of Gen Y age and has a refreshingly new take on how marketing should be structured.

Most profound is his view that marketing should not be in-house; rather outsourced digital marketing agency should be mandatory.

His reason?  Largely because in-house marketing personnel can have an entrapped knowledge base which may not be updated enough as time goes by.

Basically, he believes that within two years an in-house marketing manager without an external, specialised digital marketing strategy partner would have been so overloaded that he or she would fail to be in a position to learn all the new technologies and strategy weapons that are developed.

Outsourced marketing providers, however, learn about new things on a perpetual basis and hence constantly have honed knowledge.

For a very long time, we have believed this to be the case, so it’s refreshing to hear someone in an industrial company echo our beliefs that the best arrangement is for the two to work together.

And not that these beliefs are strictly limited to the industrial sector. It can be companies in the automotive, construction, property, training or any other sector for that matter.

External input for marketing, on tap, is a major resource and highly productive. And, at the very least, if you are currently a marketing manager overloaded, we can all put an end to this! You might be asking 'what is digital marketing'? you may think you need website design or a website builder.  you may not even know what a digital marketer is.

All this new business science can make a big difference to your business now and in the future. We have some basic advice in an e-book and it might solve a few mysteries. It’s totally free, so be our guest and click through and download what is a very informative read that is not too long and written in very simple language for all to understand.

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