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Lead Generation: Not All Leads Are Your Real Customers

Glenn Turnbull | June 26, 2017

b2b-lead-generation.jpgNot all leads are the same

There seems to be so many businesses now claiming to be online marketing experts.

They sincerely believe they are generating great leads for their clients and truly believe these leads are valuable.

They also boast great lead generation metrics that seemingly illustrate a respectable number of potential customers are making enquiries about a company’s goods or services.

But not all leads are the same…

Does your business truly offer what these potential customers are needing? Perhaps not.

We work with many businesses I would consider ‘niche within their niche’ and so much time can be wasted on leads generated that aren’t necessarily the correct fit for their product or services and we need to attract leads that fit them best.

The infinite size of the internet, with so much content within this information highway, can be difficult to ensure the right people are finding your specialized offering.

However, with an Inbound marketing strategy we can better ascertain if a prospective client is searching and reading content that is within your area of expertise.

We can utilise techniques that foster an on-line relationship with product or service related content that qualifies your business as the one with ‘best fit’ solutions to a potential customer’s problems.

Sales Qualified Leads: Are you the best solution to the problem?

By answering this question before we interact with a potential client it is saving everybody time and money, both you and your client’s.

Imagine a world where you are only reaching out to sales qualified leads that are actually educated about your company’s goods and services and ready to purchase?  

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Glenn Turnbull
Glenn Turnbull on June 26, 2017