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CEOs have marketing pain points too

Ian Jacob | October 27, 2015


CEOs always ask: How do I solve my marketing pain points in the digital age?

The simple answer is: turn it into a business asset

This is a common question asked by CEO’s, CFOs and business owners purely because publicity has traditionally been viewed as necessary, but a money burner.

And it’s my guess you can identify with some, or perhaps all, of these pain points of marketing:

  • It burns money
  • It has never produced any useful data
  • It has never shown any ROI
  • It provides no transparency over what users are doing with it
  • It can’t be turned into an asset

There is a simple explanation if you feel pain over your marketing – it’s probable you have let it lag.

Think about your company asset policy for a moment. To expedite work and manage efficiencies, you probably have a high speed internet service, a fleet of modern vehicles that are well maintained, staff with appropriately trained capabilities, and probably all manner of products and systems driven by software to help give you a competitive edge.

Where traditionally it breaks down in publicity and advertising  is that you probably aren’t aware it too can benefit from technologies that automate it, keep it in order and help build bridges between departments. It turns all your content collateral into something infinitely more powerful.

In particular, between your sales and marketing departments - one of the traditional chasms of cooperation.

The other great gap is the lack of understanding CEOs have on the ways all this activity can be turned into a transparent business asset with data and ROI freely fed back on a regular basis.

Once again, it’s software that does it. Like all good business investments, marketing thrives on new technologies.

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Ian Jacob
Ian Jacob on October 27, 2015

Ian has 16+ years of experience in the online world he has seen the evolution of web marketing and advertising online. His goal is to make his clients marketing & advertising profitable.