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Glenn Turnbull 03/02/2016 2:24:00 PM 2 min read

The best way for any Sales Director to see the future in lead generation?

You don’t need a crystal ball, just a Kodak camera. Preferably a digital one. They are quite rare, but if you can get hold of one it can tell you a lot about marketing and lead generation.

As someone reminded me today, Kodak was officially the first brand to develop any form of digital camera.

It was 1975 and although extremely primitive by today’s standards, it actually did a pretty good job capturing black and white images on an old style cassette, its images displayed on a television set.

So how does this have anything to do with lead generation? Simple, whoever was in charge of Kodak at that time in 1975 was in the same predicament as the modern Sales Director is today.

Software and data tracking has made it so simple to make cold calling disappear in favour of lead generation.

And just like the Kodak executives in 1975, you are in a position to decide if your company takes the step or gets left behind.

As you probably know, Kodak is all but extinct purely because digital cameras made by other companies drew consumers a million miles away from its outdated products.

This really is an unfortunate story. And I guess it would have been a totally unthinkable scenario when the tide of euphoria swept the Kodak brand along in its heyday.

So it could be a watershed moment for all Sales Directors. Do you continue the Kodak way trying to manage an outdated method that’s dying of old age?

Or do you think ahead and use the technology that will give you massive gains for years to come?

Think about it? The most commonly used camera in the world is the one in the Apple iPhones. Third most used is the camera in the Samsung Smartphones. In the alternate spaces are traditional brands Canon and Nikon.

Twenty years ago, if someone said to you Apple and Samsung would rank in the top three most utilised cameras in the world you would have written them off as mad.

But this is digital technology for you. Even in marketing, it’s just about to eliminate cold calls, replacing them with inbound leads for your salesforce.

It might be all a bit too much to take in right now, so how about downloading our free e-book? In simple English it gives you some insight as to where this is all going and how you can harness its power to stay relevant and strong.

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