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Glenn Turnbull 13/07/2017 5:37:00 AM 1 min read

Here's the 2017 State of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is here to so?

Advertising and communicating with your customers has been going on since the first days of trade, and businesses have been fighting for people's attention ever since. Fast forward to 2017 and the fight for people's attention is as hotly contested as ever.

Now, with most of the world's population now connected by the internet through all manner of devices, predominantly the mobile phone, digital marketing has become commonplace in marketing your business' products and services. Compared to billboard's or magazine's spacial limitations, the internet and the emergance of digital marketing is an almost infinite space to play.

With so many businesses competing for people's attention you need to stand out from the pack and your competitors............furthermore, I have a theory that the way that people give their attention has evolved too and we must evolve our markting strategy to reflect this.

The below infographic provides lots of insights and statistics on digital marketing - how does your business compare?

Download our free eBook below the infographic to see 32X enviable digital marketing strategies that may inspire some ideas for your business.

state of digital marketing 2017


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