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Glenn Turnbull 30/05/2017 6:29:00 AM 2 min read

Email Marketing: Best Use of Your Database

Despite what you think, your business is most likely to be exactly the same as everyone else’s in one respect.

Your database.

No doubt, like every other business, you have accumulated a database that sits there and does nothing else except grow fat and become outdated.

Did you know your database decays by 25% annually just through natural attrition? What I mean by that is a quarter of all contacts become unusable due to people changing jobs or changing email addresses, and a myriad of other circumstances beyond your control.

A great feature of your database is that you own it. You or your business has had some form of relationship with each contact and that gives you an advantage to nurture the relationship forward – sometimes towards future business. The worst thing for a database is to neglect it with inaction.

The importance of segmentation for lead generation

Why is it important to segment contacts in your database?

Well, there are endless differences between contacts on your database but identifying similarities can help you implement marketing strategies by segmentation………….….or categorising contacts for your benefit.

There are many metrics into which you can segment your database to facilitate marketing activities. For example: specific industry, company size, number of employees, product preference, geographic, types of internet content they read and the list goes on……………The more specifically you segment your target, the better the opportunity to tailor individual content for them, especially in regard to an email campaign.

Once you have mastered the use of database segmentation the possibilities of strategy behind communication, interaction and lead generation are endless.

A pertinent point to remember if you are using your database to implement some email marketing activities such for lead generation: You own your database!

Nothing can take that away from you excpet the client. It is your asset to use.

So, what are you waiting for? Start using your database today

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