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Climate change con job - smog or successful marketing?

Ian Jacob | November 3, 2015


Sometimes society gets thrown the greatest curve ball and doesn't realise it is just swinging in the wind, doing exactly what we're expected to do.

Now my pro-climate-change friends who are  rightfully lobbying for a cleaner planet and a healthier future may not realise they have been defeated by the  incredibly deep power of modern marketing.

Before I go any further, this important statement has to be aired:

There is no such thing as climate change!!!!!!!!

This announcement will upset a lot of people and businesses, but let me throw some light on my reasoning.

By the time you reach the end of this blog post, you may lose your tendency to suffocate me in a vat of carbon dioxide.

Is the issue really getting anywhere? Bit by bit. But in general, I don't believe so. And you know why? Because we are arguing about something not worth arguing about - 'climate change'.

Planet loyalists rightfully want to do something about it, governments tread the fine line between pleasing society and satisfying industry, some scientists believe it while other scientists discredit the notion.

Basically, everyone is fighting over it and we aren't really getting anywhere.

And why aren't we getting anywhere?

Because governments around the world - whether through collusion or freak coincidence - have the upper hand. They have thrown society a curve ball and we all swung the bat in the breeze.

This is because climate change isn't really anything!  It's a nebulous term almost impossible to quantify or even qualify and it's being flung around as the ultimate distraction from the real issue.

This is the real issue

Despite the potential consequences of inaction, climate change to me has been one of the most powerful marketing strategies ever pulled off in the history of the world.

Now imagine if, from today, humanity viewed this very same battle not in the context of the term climate change but instead referred to it as pollution growth, the various factions in this battle would each be in a very different position.

Being so much more tangible, scientifically measurable and physically detectable, a people v government battle against pollution growth more accurately depicts the true fight.

As a title, pollution growth would swing the marketing power across the fence into the hands of the very society battling its respective governments which are moving at snails pace because they have a duty to protect industry and existing economies.

I am sure to inspire many detractors by saying this, but if everyone steps back and calmly observes they will see it is absolutely true. Climate change does not exist in anything but theory.

By steering matters into the climate change battle field and making the term stick, power brokers and governments have brilliantly marched global society into an environment where they have total control over the subject matter through all marketing streams, be it mainstream media debate, social media engagement, forums, public debates or even public demonstrations.

Even though on a personal level I may not be totally comfortable saying this, whoever introduced and maintains the use of the term climate change has managed a strategic and tactical masterstroke in global marketing and control.

Note well! It's super easy to prove pollution growth but almost impossible to prove climate change. It all aligns with my argument that to market your business using modern technology you have to understand the rightful place and power of content.

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Ian Jacob
Ian Jacob on November 3, 2015

Ian has 16+ years of experience in the online world he has seen the evolution of web marketing and advertising online. His goal is to make his clients marketing & advertising profitable.