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Ian Jacob 18/04/2017 5:56:00 AM 2 min read

20% of Google Search is done by Voice

"41% of adults and 51% of teens use voice search daily"

Garrulous types who are normally causing our ears to be overloaded with wax are finally being rewarded for over extending their voices.

The latest statistics released by Google reveal that 20% of Google searches are now being done by voice rather than a keyboard or touch pad.

But this isn’t happening to put a lid on those that talk too much. It’s actually a reflection of the way Google works and the brains trust behind the way it develops.

Google developers could see how convenient a voice activated search could be. More and more people started using it, and now the concept is rusted on.

"40% of voice searches have local intent"

The 20th May 2002 was the first date that Google first released voice as a search tool.

The Search

Along with voice search, Google continues to push the envelope and be the thought leaders in regard to all search technology. All of our devices will be shared shortly too. Huh? What they mean by that is that whether you are browsing the internet on mobile, desktop, watch, tablet (any device) then they will all recognise you as the person logged and interact with each other. Imagine. You could search the location of your first meeting on your tablet over breakfast and by the time you get into your car to start your journey there, the GPS in your car already knows where you need to go.


Where will it all end?

The pursuit of technology and with the undertone of a better quality of life will never cease. I believe Google is already chasing Predictive Recommendations. Imagine a search engine that provides not just results but solutions before you even search for them.

Google will one day soon be able to predict your needs and provide solutions that are nearby without you even typing – or saying a word.

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Ian Jacob

Ian has 16+ years of experience in the online world he has seen the evolution of web marketing and advertising online. His goal is to make his clients marketing & advertising profitable.