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HubShots with Ian Jacob& Craig Bailey

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Each week we highlight a key items (‘shots’) related to HubSpot, Inbound Marketing and things we are learning as we serve other businesses on the journey.
Perfect for

marketing & sales professionals

Episodes are easy to listen to and are  around  20 to 25 minutes.  We highlight action items for marketing professionals and integated sales professionals. Our target audience is marketing managersmarketing co-ordinators & sales professionals in companies who are using (or considering using) HubSpot.

Each episode covers:

  • a thought or takeaway from this year’s INBOUND Conference
  • a HubSpot tip or two
  • unpacking a HubSpot marketing feature
  • unpacking a HubSpot sales feature
  • discussing topics related to inbound marketing, and providing action items (ie stuff you can actually do! not just theory)
  • something we’ve learnt recently (and perhaps save you having to learn eg if it is a mistake we’ve made)
  • a useful resource to use
  • a community item that provides value

Read about how it all started here.