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search engine optimisation

search engine optimisation (seo)

I am doing SEO and not seeing a change in my results?
To Search......and Be Found

everybody seems to be an SEO expert

SEO Sure Is a Constantly Evolving Science

Make sure your website is easy for users to discover—and easy for search bots to understand.

There are many factors and skills that apply to search engine optimisation. With such a huge volume of content on the internet, being found organically (non paid) is getting more and more difficult. SEO specialists have to be constantly abreast of what is happening on search engines as they aim to give people the best result for what they are after.

In your website build, we still have to be following best practices in regard to:

  • Page Titles
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Heading Tags
  • Site Maps
  • Keyword Research
  • Image Tags
  • Internal & Back Links 

Here is some impartial and interesting information from Google in regard to SEO - Do I need SEO? 

Content Marketing

Content marketing is certainly seen by Google and other search engines as favourable when done properly as it gives people what they want, when they want it. They love optimised content that is current, relevant and solves the searcher's needs. 


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