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Google Analytics

google analytics

Do you have Google Analytics and don't know how to make practical sense of it?
To over analyse can paralyse

It can be as complex as you want it to be

Having a Basic Understanding of Google Analytics

This is not uncommon for us to hear from clients that they are having trouble comprehending their Google Analytics report. The information can be very daunting to the untrained eye. We are a Google Partner and invest a great deal of effort to educate ourselves in this area. It should be noted that Google and it’s systems are constantly evolving (improving) and the education process is constant.

You need to be able to understand basic analytics and extract the information that is relevant to you.  You then can use this information to implement change within your business to facilitate lead generation and sales growth.

Sometimes we can be described as translators in this topic.

So here are some of the things we look at:

  • Where you get your website traffic from
  • On what devices people are looking at your website
  • How people navigate around your website
  • How long people stick on particular pages
  • Checking traffic going to pages that don't exist

Unleash the power of Google Analytics

For most businesses the basic use of Google Analytics and tracking key metrics is ample to be able to generate leads and sales growth. 

If your business needs, or could benefit from more complex data then you won't be disappointed. There is a large scope within Google Analytics to set parameters and define exactly what data you need to analyse to achieve your objectives. Using Google Analytics at this level needs expert help.

Want your analytics translated?